{ A New Perspective }

That’s our voice and word for all. The future is always ahead of everyone. Naturally, Biostadt will constantly be in that ‘future’ where it will excel and be ahead of its peers by delivering brands and services that are based on tomorrow’s cutting edge technology and science thus ensuring that it plays in the big league. We are taking a new perspective to that future.

“Biostadt is a science based technology company.

It started business in Nigeria in 1964 as CIBA – GEIGY and metamorphosed to SWISS BIOSTADT LIMITED in 2010.

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It was formed out of the need to contribute to the fight against hunger, malnutrition and disease burdens in Nigeria in particular and the entire Africa Continent as the nation and continent continue to witness high mortality and morbidity coupled with negative impacts on human capital from above factors.
The incidences of hunger and disease have equally been at the high end of development inhibitions. This is why we pride ourselves as a social enterprise.

While undergoing several ‘morphological’ changes, it has also gone through a number of distinct operational and business re-engineering processes with each change bringing it out better and stronger. Its business forms since inception include Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Paints, Pigments, Araldite and Textile Dyestuffs. Today, the Company is concentrating on three areas viz: Agrocare, Healthcare and Pharmacare.

To be a world-class organization playing in the big league of multinational corporations and a reference point in our chosen businesses.

To support the fight against Diseases, Hunger and Malnutrition in Nigeria and Africa in general and to contribute to the sustainable development of the nation and the continent.

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