he companies under the Biostadt umbrella are:

CG Biostadt Nigeria Limited
CG Biostadt Ghana Limited
Swiss Biostadt Limited
CG Engineering Limited
The Company currently carries out businesses in Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone and has plans to expand to other West and Central Africa Countries.

In Nigeria which is the major hub, it is headquartered in Lagos on a sprawling 2.83 acres of land built into state-of-the art offices and laboratories. It has Business offices in Abuja, the Federal Capital and in each of the geo-political zone of the Nigeria federation.

We are committed to providing our Customers with unique and satisfactory experiences...

Adhering to the Company’s Code of Conduct and Health, Safety, Environment & Quality (HSE&Q) Policy in the strictest terms…Moral and Ethical standards guide the company in its day-to-day business dynamics with a clear view for professionalism and profitability within the legal and regulatory frameworks.

Business Inter-Relatedness

Turnkey Projects

A number of Projects both in the Private and Public sectors have been undertaken by Biostadtgroup. Such projects have been in all areas of our business – Agriculture, Pharmaceutical and Medical Engineering. Core ones are:
Design, Construction and Establishment of Terratiga Farms, Kano State.
Design and Construction of Pharmacy Drug Revolving store for Ekiti State Government.
Supply and Installation of Medical equipment for LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, Ogbomoso.
Details of both projects can be obtained by request to Company but will only be supplied with permission from our Clients.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

As a responsible corporate citizen, the Biostadt Company organizes an annual week of Corporate Social Responsibility events. In 2009, the activities were on tree planting. This is meant to fight desertification apart from improving the carbon dioxide versus oxygen ratio in the atmosphere; both are critical ingredients for man and plants. In 2008, we supported 150 VVF patients in Zamfara State with Skills and Capacity Building. They were equally provided with the tools they need free of charge.

Health, Safety, Environment & Quality {HSE&Q}

There is an HSE&Q Policy in place that is being driven by a member of the Company’s Leadership Team. This Policy document is constantly reviewed.

{ A New Perspective }

That’s our voice and word for all. The future is always ahead of everyone. Naturally, Biostadt will constantly be in that ‘future’ where it will excel and be ahead of its peers by delivering brands and services that are based on tomorrow’s cutting edge technology and science thus ensuring that it plays in the big league. We are taking a new perspective to that future.

Corporate Core values

We cherish the relationship with our esteemed clients and we recognize them as the fulcrum of our existence and reward
This is our drive to go the extra mile. We are passionate about what we do and determined to surmount all challenges on the path to achieving our set goals
We believe in what we say and strive to do what we say always with high ethical standards. We are committed to the ethics of our industry and always set high ethical benchmark for ourselves
We believe in collective responsibility borne out of aggregated individual efforts to achieve our goals and to serve our esteemed customers optimally
Our open door policy ensures freedom of expression and quick resolutionof issues across the Corporate Strata and in our business

Our Colour Code

RED { Life and Visibility }

BLUE { Agility & Vitality }

GREEN { Environmental Friendliness }

Our Customer Commitment

We are committed to providing our Customers with unique and satisfactory experiences:

Specifically, we make three promises:

Enjoy our innovative Products, Solutions and Services that are designed, manufactured or formulated to be the best.
Experience unparallel performance from our Products, Solutions and Services.
Experience world – class Customer care.

Awards & Laurels