To meet its objective, the Biostadt Company consciously entered into business partnership with multinational companies that are designing players in the chosen agrocare, medicare and pharmacare business sectors.


SIEMENS Healthcare, is a world class manufacturer of direct imaging equipment such as CT scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), x-ray, fluoroscopy, ultrasounds and laboratory equipment etc.

ARIANE MEDICAL SYSTEMS LTD, Incorporated in 2005. Following the success with the Papillon 50 for Rectal treatments, Papillon+ was developed. Since 2016 Papillon+ X-ray brachytherapy system has provided clients with a truly portable system for the application of low-energy x-rays in the treatment of Rectal, Breast and Skin cancers.

MEDTRONIC, USA, A world leader in the manufacture of Spinal surgical instruments, implants and orthopaedic reconstruction equipment among others.

DENTSPLY SIRONA Global Headquarters is located in York, Pennsylvania, and the International Headquarters is based in Salzburg, Austria. Dentsply and Sirona joined forces in 2016, to become the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental solutions. Our trusted brands have empowered dental professionals, in both practices and laboratories, to provide better, safer, and faster care in all dental disciplines for over 100 years.

COVIDIEN LLC., USA, A US based company and world leader in the manufacture of Endo-mechanical products {laparoscopic instruments and surgical staplers}, Energy devices {vessel sealing, electrosurgical and ablation products} and Soft tissues repairs {sutures, mesh, biosurgery products and hernia mechanical devices}

SCHILLER AG, Switzerland. A leader in Cardiovascular Diagnostics

HILL-ROM, The world leader in hospital bed manufacturing. It completes its product range with pressure care and treatment surfaces and mattresses, stretchers and patient room furniture as a solution for the most exigent requirements in the different hospitals areas.

RICHARD WOLF, Founded in 1906 by Georg Wolf in Berlin, the Wolf Group has drawn on it’s over 100 years of experience to play a leading role in the development of endoscopy and shockwave therapy. Richard Wolf GmbH offers a wide range of products and systems for endoscopy and extracorporeal shock wave treatment. Instruments are supplied to virtually all specialist disciplines in human medicine.

TRUMPF MEDICAL, German based Company that is distinguished for technical innovations in all of its fields of operation. They are specialised at producing a wide range of operating tables, Patient positioning system, Ceiling pendants, Special purpose furnishings and Custom design solutions for hospitals work places.

TUTTNAUER, An Israeli based Company and leader in the manufacture of Autoclaves and Sterilization machines.

COOK MEDICAL, USA, World leader in advanced urologyprocedures and leading the way with stone management solutions with its nitinol stone extractors for kidney, urethra and bladder stone procedures.

MEDEC, BELGIUM, Specialize in breathing systems and their accessories, their product range has grown to a wide variety of products for us in operating rooms and critical care departments: from simple devices to ventilators and complete ventilation work stations for both anaesthesia and critical care, from basic to high-end solutions.


HILTON PHARMA of Pakistan which is the company wholly dedicated to sound medical and pharmaceutical practice and their products are marketed globally including Europe and Japan.


Shanghai E-Tong Chemical Co. Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Yongtai Technology Co. Ltd., which is a researched-based foremost Agrochemical company, specialty in herbicide, fungicide, insecticide and storage products.
They are also into Agricultural Engineering specializing in small farm tools.

All these are companies with cutting edge technological solutions that have equally contributed massively to the development of mankind, societies and innumerable aspects of science.